In marriage, two lives come together. With a divorce, the two partners split their own lives and take a step towards their new life. Whatever they have built together will now need to be divided. Many issues arise. Usually, they are concerning the division of property and debt and spousalRead More →

It is no secret that the line between business and corporate law can be blurry. And while there are some aspects of each discipline which overlap, such as acquisitions or mergers, the difference between a business lawyer and a corporate lawyer varies differently. Acquisition deals often incorporate distribution rights, whereasRead More →

A construction site has more health and safety regulations than most workplaces, and with good reason. With so much heavy duty equipment and hazards which exist here, the law is very tight in terms of the health and safety steps which must be taken by those working here. As youRead More →

Attorneys are more competitive than ever, and what they will do for business is astounding. However, you should never choose an attorney purely on the basis of cost. Once you’ve retained an attorney, you should anticipate receiving a written engagement letter stating the terms of your engagement. Numerous more factorsRead More →