A construction site has more health and safety regulations than most workplaces, and with good reason. With so much heavy duty equipment and hazards which exist here, the law is very tight in terms of the health and safety steps which must be taken by those working here. As you can imagine, there are many accidents which happen on a construction site and each year there are tens of thousands of claims which are submitted by those who have been the victim of such accidents. 

In terms of a construction accident lawyer NYC counts on hundreds given the scale of construction which takes place in this city. These lawyers work with a client who have had a variety of accidents, and these are the most common which we see on the construction site. 

Falls From Height 

This is by far the most common type of accident which workers suffer, falling off equipment and injuring themselves. There is a range of injuries which can be sustained here from sprains and strains to bone breaks and fractures. In some rare cases these falls can result in death.

Falling Objects

There is a reason why everyone must wear head protection when they are on the construction site and that is because of the risk of falling heavy objects. Even with head protection however, there are still many injuries which occur from falling objects each year. 

Trip Hazards

All workplaces have slip and trip hazards, but none more so than on a construction site. This could be cables, holes, wet surfaces or even debris, and workers must be very careful when they are moving around the site. This makes up a very large number of the accidents which take place on construction sites. 

Defective Equipment 

All tools which are used on site should be careful looked after, tested and well maintained. This however doesn’t always happen as it is supposed to and it is why we see such a large number of injuries caused boy defective equipment. This can easily result in burns, cuts and lacerations and even the loss of limbs, depending on what the piece of equipment is. 

Accidents With Vehicles

There are a number of heavy vehicles which are used on the construction site and these are also a common cause of injury. Collisions between vehicles and collisions with on-foot workers happen far more than they should, and they can result in very severe injuries. 

Excessive Noise

There is a lot of noise which is produced by the construction site and if proper protection is not used, it can result in many injuries to the ear. Perforated ear drums and tinnitus are common injuries, and in some rare cases a loss of hearing altogether can be the consequence of excessive noise. 

Many of these accidents can be avoided with the correct training and the right use of safety equipment. Additionally construction companies should always ensure that the equipment, vehicles and machinery used in building, are fit for purpose.