If you are the cause of a car accident then there are a number of risks which you are going to face. It is of course for this reason why you have to ensure that you practice safe driving. Some people believe that as long as they don’t drive whilst over the influence or speed that they are going to be alright, but dangerous driving covers a lot of driving practices which you may not be aware of. Connecticut car accident attorneys have been warning of these dangers recently, and here are some of the risks which you run if you are the cause of a car accident. 

Causing Injury or Death 

Despite the great improvements which we have seen in car safety over the years, car accidents are still incredibly dangerous and can leave passengers and drivers severely injured, and can even result in a loss of life. Beyond any legal ramifications of this, the guilt which you will feel if you have contributed towards the injury of another or indeed cost them their life, is overwhelming. This is something which will live with you each and every day for as long as you live. 

Even without injuring another party, you could also be severely injured yourself and potentially face life changing or life threatening injuries as a result of your negligence. 

Financial Implications 

Simply because you have insurance isn’t to say that you won’t face any financial implications if you are the guilty person in a car accident. Whilst the insurance company will cover the costs of your vehicle, and of the other party, not to mention any compensation claims which are made, that cost will still be passed on to you in the future. Insurance companies will instantly hike up the price of your premiums if you have caused a car accident as you will be viewed as a risk. 

Penalties and Bans

If you are found to be guilty of dangerous driving then you can have your license suspended or even taken away for a number of years. Again this can happen even if you are not over the limit and if you are not speeding, as dangerous driving covers such a wide array of behaviors. If you are recklessly changing lanes for example or provoking another driver this can easily be seen as dangerous driving and you could face criminal charges. 

Taking Care 

It is important to remember that you can cause an accident with the slightest mistake, and whilst this may not be considered as dangerous driving, your negligence could easily result in a nasty accident. The best course of action is to ensure that you are fully aware of the rules of the road and that you are 100% focused on the road ahead of you. Most accidents can in fact be easily avoided and simply taking care when you are behind the wheel is often enough to prevent a number of accidents on the road. 

The dangers of not driving safely are too big to ignore.