Identity theft is the highest form of crime in the US. Statistics released in 2021 by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) show identity theft at the top of the list, with 1,434,695 reported cases, with an increase of 19% since 2020.  Identity theft happens when someone‚Äôs personal identity is stolenRead More →

When you find out your dog has bitten someone you need to know what to do to take care of your animal. It is important to remember that the severity of a dog bite can be determined by careful consideration of the situation and the choices the dog made. PitRead More →

Criminal defense attorneys’ non-profit organizations work to uphold justice and represent those who have been accused of crimes. They promote public awareness of citizen rights and continued legal education. They serve as criminal defense practitioners and aid in legal procedures. A criminal defense attorney is qualified, covered by insurance, concerned,Read More →

The legal term “personal injury” is used to describe harm caused to an individual’s body, mind, or emotions, or to their property. This type of injury is often the basis for a tort lawsuit. While the term “personal injury” can be applied to a wide variety of injuries, it isRead More →