Finding the right estate planning attorney seems like an overwhelming task. You might be wondering how to find an estate planning lawyer who is right for you, your situation, and your estate. You can find a perfect attorney for all your needs by following these simple tips.

  • List down your specific needs

Before finding an estate lawyer, you must understand your needs. Make a list of your goals for your estate. Understanding your plans is one thing that will help you find someone who is right for you. The lawyer should help with some of the things; 

  1. Writing An entire plan
  2. Revising and updating an existing plan
  3. Complete a specific aspect of your plan, such as designating beneficiaries and setting up guardianship 
  4. Advice you on how to reduce or eliminate future tax liabilities for your estate
  5. To set up fund trust, etc.
  • Ask your co-workers or friends 

When finding an estate planning lawyer, a recommendation can always be worth it. A trusted attorney can give you peace of mind and much better if you know that another family member or a close friend who shares your interests and goals in life has already used the said attorney’s services.

It’s always good to use your network to help you shortlist a few attorneys who may be a good fit. Family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and anyone in your life who is responsible, proactive, and you trust can be a valuable source of information when it comes to a referral.

  • Search locally

With the times that we are in, the Internet comes in handy to help people outsource for different services they may need. Searching for an estate attorney is made more accessible by the different websites we have, and you can get an attorney who serves you right regardless of where they are located. Finding an attorney who will advise you accordingly and who is well versed with estate laws is very crucial.

Laws surrounding estate planning vary from state to state. You need to know that your lawyer is up to date with state-specific legal implications of estate law where you live.

  • Take time to interview your candidates

It is vital to do due diligence before concluding on who to hire.  The best way to ensure you select the right attorney is by interviewing the people on your list. The interview process doesn’t have too long or even complicated.

A quick list of questions based on your interests should help you determine if you will feel comfortable with an attorney and if you will be able to trust them in the best way possible. For example, you ask, where did you get your law degree? Or how long have they been in practice?

  • You can use online estate planning services

Finally, you can decide to use online services instead. Note, with the Internet age; you don’t have to go the traditional way of using a trust lawyer. You can choose to use a valid, trusted online estate planning services that understand and knows all types of trust that will allow you to create a comprehensive plan that covers all your needs.