Child custody is a complex and crucial matter. If not handled properly, things could worsen for the child and the parent. In such instances, the parent should consult a Salt Lake City divorce attorney, which could help them bring out a favorable outcome. 

There are certain parenting styles that many parents are not aware of. These parenting methods could significantly affect the child’s custody when court proceedings. One may argue that these parenting styles are entirely psychological. However, each parenting method has been observed to affect the child’s life. 

Here are the top parenting styles that you should know before proceeding in a child custody case: 

  • Authoritative parenting style

It is estimated that nearly 46% of parents in the US use authoritative parenting methods with their children. This parenting style involves the parent providing warm and supportive behavior toward the child. Such style implies the use of clear rules with the children. 

For instance, the parent may lay out some boundaries for the child that are not meant to be crossed. Of course, the child’s interest would be aligned with such a parenting style. Authoritative parenting applies higher expectations from the child in a non-pressurized way. The associated outcomes from such a parenting style would be the child’s decent or excellent academic performance, admirable social skills, and manners since the parent is supportive and implies rules for betterment. The child stays physically and mentally fit in such a method. 

  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian

The authoritarian parenting style is much more strict and rigid when compared to authoritative. The parent may have high expectations by pressurizing the child to perform better in every aspect. It has been observed that parents in such parenting methods expect blind or complete obedience from the child. 

The outcomes of this parenting style are often unfavorable. The child may not perform well academically due to the strictness, poor social skills and manner, and suffering from low self-esteem. The child might expect drug or alcohol abuse if the parents choose to be irresponsible. 

  • Permissive 

A permissive parenting style should be avoided at all costs. It involves the parents being unresponsive, indulgent, or lenient with the child. While the child may feel warm and happy with such style, it could only take them to become impulsive and selfish. 

  • Neglectful 

A neglectful parenting style could be the worst environment for a child to live in. The parents could become cold and unresponsive toward the child and often stay uninvolved or uninterested in the child’s life. If you feel you could face problems due to your adaption, it would be best to contact a divorce attorney in Child Lake. 

A divorce attorney may help you by advising you on how to treat the child after the divorce and preparing for the child custody case.