The injuries you sustain might not be severe, depending on the severity of your car accident. You might think that they do not require any medical treatment. However, that is not for you to decide. 

After your car accident, contact a doctor immediately and get your checkup done. Considering your injuries, your doctor will suggest some treatments you must follow until the end. 

If you refuse medical treatment after a car accident, it can complicate things while you claim compensation. Your insurance company might deny or reduce the compensation amount by stating that the accident was not very serious. 

Before making any decisions related to your injuries or damages, contact risk-free legal services to know the consequences of your choices. Your lawyer will guide you through the entire claiming process and help you get the compensation you deserve, provided you listen to them.

How can refusing medical treatment affect your car accident claim?

Late appearing injuries

Refusing to take medical treatment or tests can result in unspecified internal injuries that, if not treated on time, may cause more pain and harmful results. For example, if you may suffer from a concussion but misunderstand it as a headache because of the accident, you will not get the proper treatment. 

Prolonged recovery

Getting the appropriate medical help on time will ensure that you heal from your injuries and wound as soon as possible. However, if you avoid getting the required medical help, your injuries will take longer to recover completely, causing more pain and discomfort. 

Moreover, avoiding medical treatment or help can result in prolonged MMI or Maximum Medical Improvement. Injury attorneys recommend victims wait until their MMI before filing a claim for the car accident. It will ensure all the medical bills and records are covered in the compensation. 

The more you delay or refuse treatment, the more you will stretch the time to get your compensation. 

Evaluating and proving your damages can get tricky.

Medical claims and bills will help you determine the damages you faced during and after the car accident. If you accept the medical help, it enables you to figure out the total compensation you deserve. You will realize how much money you have spent on your treatment and how much more you will require for the post-treatment stage. 

Other than that, medical help will help you prove the severity of the accident and the damages you faced during it.