In trading, many methods to gain profit are available. Some people choose to have active trading. They have skills and knowledge to deal with all processes of trading and this will be interesting journey to struggle and gain huge profits. However, some people may not be able to join the active trading. They may not have proper skills in trading, but they still want to gain profit from trading. In this case, they can try passive trading, and copy trading is one of the methods to do it. Copy trading becomes solution for traders to achieve profits from trading without doing much effort. 

Copy trading is available and many brokers or trading platforms have provided the feature for it. Of course, copy trading is different from the conventional active trading. In active trading, traders should be able to make analyses, decisions, and other kinds of actions. In copy trading, basically the traders will invest in professional traders. The trading platforms that provide copy trading allow the traders to choose the professional traders and copy the trades of professional or expert traders. They can copy types of investment and trading instrument, and other kinds of features and decisions in the trade. It is like choosing a trader and follow what he or she does.   

It is surely very useful for traders, especially the new traders or beginners. They do not have enough knowledge and experiences, but they still want to gain profits from trading. Instead of taking huge risks, they can copy the trades of professionals and experts. These will become better solution. It is very easy to do and the trading platforms provide easy access to copy the trades. However, there are also drawbacks from copy trading. In the end, professionals and experts do not guarantee that they will always be successful. Thus, the outcome and results still cannot be fully guaranteed. At least, they have skills and knowledge, so there will be higher probability to gain profits instead of doing the trade actively without copy trading. 

Of course, it is important to choose best broker and trading platform. Firstly, it is important to make sure that the broker provides feature of copy trading. Most brokers have the feature, but it does not mean that all brokers have it. Then, it is necessary to check the reliability of the broker. One of the easiest ways is to check the licenses. Most reliable brokers are supported and licensed by regulators. When it is to find the reliable one, the broker should be regulated by top-tier regulators. Then, it should provide good functionality and easy interface. It will help new traders or beginners to access the feature and all accesses easily without any problems. Moreover, it is good to check in case there are bonuses and other profitable conditions. 

As for recommendation of good broker for trading, hotforex can become good choice. It is good recommendation for active traders, especially those who love forex trading. There are also other instruments, such as CFD, indices, and commodities. The broker provides good trading conditions. One of them can be seen from its spread. The spread starts from 0 pips and it is surely something special, especially for beginners. Then, it provides low deposit threshold. Traders can start trading by depositing $5.