Many of us always dreamt about building a life in the US and making a better life. But for that, there are some laws and information you should always keep in mind. Also, maintaining them is equally important, and in case you should know how immigration lawyers, deportation lawyers and asylum lawyers can help you in your time of need. So here are some laws and regulations you should know about immigration law in the US.

What Is Immigration Attorney?

The immigration law is how the immigration attorney takes care of all the immigration queries. And check the background of the immigration status of a person. When you want to stay in the US for a vacation, study or stay here, the attorney must check all the information. There are many more things the immigration lawyers look into are:

They look into the person’s history to see if they have the rights or obligations to be a part of an alien state. The attorney must look into whether the person has any criminal records or denied application before allowing them into the state.

Then the immigration lawyers look into your needs and if you need any guidance. Or you tried to fill the immigration process on your own, but now you are stuck, then your immigration attorney will be there to guide you and look into all your essentials.

If you have any disease and you’re here for a cure or check-up, your attorney will help you through the way, even if you need to extend your Immigration Visa.

Apart from these, immigration laws are constantly changing, and attorneys must be aware of those laws and changes to keep their knowledge up to date. Informing their clients about everything is also essential.

Also, the immigration lawyers cover all the segments of immigration issues such as residential status, employment immigration status, non-immigration visa, Deportation, refugee status etc.


What Is A Deportation Attorney?

Being told to leave is not pleasant, and you have to face many issues later on. Then your only way of survival is to consult a Deportation Attorney. They are also a part of immigration lawyers specializing in solving banishment issues in the US.

Deportation happens when the US orders someone to leave the country, but if there is no colossal reason, the individual can apply for relief from removal. But getting a green card to cancel a removal order is difficult. You need to find an experienced deportation lawyer to save you.

The reasons an individual can be deported are:

  • If the person has committed fraud in applications for a visa or green card, they can be deported.
  • If the individual committed a crime such as transferring drugs or illegal products, it could be a reason.
  • Murder is a severe crime in the US, and when a person is convicted of murder, they must carry the charge to a sentence of 5 or more years.

There are a few that can save you from Deportation are:

  • To prove that you have been physically present in the US for at least 7 years.
  • You must confirm your innocence and have a good moral character.
  • Your partner is a lawful citizen of a country
  • Your marriage got over before you can apply for citizenship out there in the US
  • If your child is under 21 and born and brought up in the US.
  • If the waivers fulfil those specific rules mentioned in construction.


What Is An Asylum Attorney?

Asylum Attorney can be a valid reason to save yourself from Deportation. Asylum can be defined when a person flees from their home country, requests entry to the US and asks for their protection. Also, they will not return to their home country and want to stay there as refugees.

When the person applies for asylum to seek refuge in the US, it’s the work of the Asylum lawyers. It takes all the claims such as race, religion, sexuality, and nationality to allow them to get the shelter they deserve.

The fees of these attorneys are very reasonable. And have all the experience to save someone’s life from misery.


It isn’t easy to take all this essential information at once. But if you are planning to settle in the US, it is better to know the rules and what are those crimes that seriously get you into trouble. We all almost know about immigration lawyers but how the Deportation and Asylum Attorney can help you is also essential. So now, when you know many things about immigration law in the US, be careful and maintain all those rules and regulations your immigration lawyer will guide you through.