Dealing with immigration law yourself isn’t an easy job, owing to the involvement of huge paperwork. While in several cases, you wouldn’t need a lawyer, especially if your case is simple and doesn’t have any records of crimes with the immigration authorities. However, in many cases, an immigration lawyer is a must to save you time and hassle, given the complicacy of the entire immigration procedure.

Here are some obvious reasons you would need a lawyer for immigration services.

If You’re Unable To Identify Your Options

It doesn’t matter if you are a highly-qualified and experienced worker or an employer who is searching for workers for your organization. Workers are eligible for different types of green cards and visas. However, it can be slightly challenging to determine which one is suitable for them. An immigration attorney can help both the employer and workers to obtain the best immigration visa that they need. 

Similar problems and challenges might occur in family-based visa scenarios and other types of visas as well. However, making the decision on which visa is beneficial for an individual or is based on present government fees and procedure times can be professionally determined by the attorney only.

If Being An Employer You Wish To Hire Foreign-Born Staff

As an entrepreneur, you might not have the time to invest in navigating the comprehensive details of immigration law. For instance, you wish to sponsor one of your workers for a green card, which in turn involves you completing the labour certification procedure.


Immigration Attorneys Help With The Complicated PERM Procedure

The PERM needs to place job advertisements which in turn is a complicated process, given how only particular ad types are acceptable and how it involves multiple deadlines and time frames. Apart from this, filling out the PERM application form is also complex. Employers cannot afford to get it wrong, as even the slightest error can cause a denial. 

The immigration lawyer specializes in Form 9089. They can even aid the employers through the PERM procedure.

If You Have Been Declared Inadmissible

One of the most commonly faced legal problems by the soon-to-be immigrations is the claim of being inadmissible for either one reason or more than one reason mentioned in the article, imposed by the USCIS or even by the consulate. Some of the possible examples run inclusive:

  • Having done a crime
  • Lied to the US Government previously
  • Financial Stability that might result in you being considered a public charge.

If you find any of these runs applicable to you, then you should seek help from a professional provider of immigration services.  

If You Cannot Deal With The Massive Paperwork

The simplest U.S. immigration applications include form filling and assembling documents that prove your qualifications. For this, you would be expected to adhere to detailed instructions. A small mistake or error can result in a rejected, delayed and returned application. 

The attorneys offering help with immigration visas have taken care of paperwork previously. This makes them both knowledgeable and skilled in seamlessly arranging the applications.


If You Are Facing Delays

Failing on USCIS or even the consulate to either act on the application or to approve it for bureaucratic reasons is another primary scenario why people turn to immigration lawyers. Immigration lawyers might not hold supreme powers to handle delays at the USCIS Service Centers. But they have the access to the inside of the service center where they can seek information.

Other Scenarios When You Would Need An Immigration Lawyer

  • When you have received government help while residing in the States.
  • When you are requesting some kind of discretionary relief which demands the immigration authorities to make an exception.
  • When you need emergency help with matters related to immigration services.
  • When you are applying for a visa based on the investment.
  • When the entire immigration application procedure looks complex and confusing to you.

Best Questions That You Can Ask To An Immigration Attorney Before Hiring

  • Ask the duration the immigration lawyer has been practicing immigration law.
  • You can ask the lawyer if he/she is part of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.
  • Ask if the lawyer concentrates on immigration law itself or contributes a certain percentage of his service to the field.
  • Ask if the attorney can offer a written fee agreement.
  • Ask if the lawyer can promptly respond to your communications.
  • Ask if you would have direct access to the lawyer of r the lawyer’s staff would attend to your queries.

The reasons to hire an immigration lawyer are endless. Apart from catering to your immigration needs, the attorneys can help you through the overall immigration procedure. The attorneys are capable of understanding the importance of the immigration procedure and accordingly prioritize their clients.