Buying or selling a home is always a major decision. Many steps have to be followed to turn either of them into reality. To some people, these transactions might seem like a routine, but there are various pitfalls. If these pitfalls aren’t noticed in time it can severely derail the process. As selling and buying are great financial undertakings, derailing can have a serious impact. At this point, you might require legal help that can provide you with the necessary guidance and attention that will help to deal with the matter. A house is a most valuable asset, and you need a lawyer who understands this importance. The real estate lawyers at GLG LLP understand how important a home is. They offer assistance across the full range of real estate ranging from individual cases to commercial.

How can they help you?

The aim of the lawyers is to work towards mitigating the risk and maximizing the benefits from the real estate transaction. This can be really simple or highly complex. The lawyers will provide a document review and drafting. They will provide assistance with residential and commercial purchases, sales and lease agreements. Lawyers at GLG LLP are highly experienced working alongside vendors, purchasers, property owners seeking refinancing or those who want to obtain title insurance policies. Their knowledge enables them to handle various real estate cases, be it a commercial property or a residential one

Why should you reach out to them?

When you reach out to the real estate lawyers, they will personally review all the files. During this review, they pay close attention to all the details and view the complete documentation. Their close examination includes closely examining every detail from the heating to the financing details and all requisition letters. This helps to identify and address any potential issues. It is crucial to have a lawyer, as this will prevent you from noticing problems at the very last minute. When that happens it can impact title insurance, financing and ability to close as scheduled. All of this can give rise to litigation, which is costly. Having a lawyer on your side from the very first day will prevent any potential issues from arising as they would’ve been handled well in advance.

Why choose them?

GLG LLP has a different approach. Unlike most law firms with transactional lawyers, GLG LLP handles all the real estate litigation in house. The lawyers in the firm work familiarize themselves with your file and the related issues. Their experience has made them skilled in identifying and addressing problems from the very beginning. The lawyers work with you to address issues from the start. This helps to avoid the litigation route. They can assist you in an array of real estate matters like Residential Real Estate Transactions, Commercial Real estate transactions, mortgages and refinancing, secured lending, purchase and sale agreement, title and status certificate review, commercial leases and negotiations and Real Estate Litigation. The lawyers will be there by your side and help you to the best of their capacities.