Laws pertaining to the never given waters are taken under the attorney known as a Maritime lawyer. Similar to other attorneys amari time lawyer gets to the position by earning a law degree and passing the bar exam additionally. These lawyers are specialized to focus on all the issues related to Maritime law.

Maritime law

Maritime law is considered as the main body of rules and regulations that govern private Maritime businesses and other nautical matters such as shipping and offenses that occur on open water. The maritime law is also known as admiralty law. 

When the transportation happens through the water the shippings are exposed to the international rules known as the Law of the Sea that govern the use of seas and oceans. These laws not only include the activities occurring over the sea but also the way people interact and do business in worldwide waters.

Rules and regulations of the navigable waters

Whether it be goods shipment or large commuting ships with thousands of people on board, Maritime at low applies to all of them. Commerce, leisure travel, navigation, lost cargo, interaction between seamen and employees, all of such things are regulated under the sea laws.

Carriage of passengers and goods, Maritime insurance, procedures for ships, and shipping contract that includes inspection, licensing, and registration are all also covered and regulated by the maritime law.

What is the role of a Maritime lawyer?

If anyone on the water breaks the law of the sea, a Maritime lawyer represents such people in court or settlement negotiation. A Maritime lawyer represents your situation in front of the judiciary if you fall victim to a situation covered by maritime law.

In what situations can a Maritime lawyer be of need?

Some common situations and people require Maritime lawyer are given as follows:

  • Boat accidents: if you crash into another person’s boat or someone else crashes their vote into your body. 
  • Dock incidents: if your boat hits a dock or someone else’s boat damages your dock.
  • Pollution: if you are boat or ship spills excess waste into the water body.
  • Injuries: you get injured due to a crash or injure someone else.

In all of the above cases, a Maritime lawyer figures out if a Maritime law applies to your face and what law it is. After this the further admorality jurisdictions are followed if your legal case falls under certain criterion and affects commercial activities on the water.

What claims are posed under Maritime law

  1. Death or injury 

We have the workers compensation law for land based employment, but for the wrongful injury occurring on water, federal law governs these claims to longshoremen, passengers, and seamen. Similar to the state workers compensation claims in maritime law cases for accidents involving personal injury or death, it is provided by full maintenance and care rights.

  1. Negligence

Jones act is a federal law allowing the employees or workers of the water to get larger awards in the cases involving negligence on the part of an employee or ship owner. Compensation for the legal damages including disfigurement, lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and such are applicable under Jones act.

To be eligible for getting full compensation one must demonstrate the status of the workers at the time the injury has happened. One must also determine the available legal remedies in order to avail greater financial recovery for the injured workers, Filing a case with appropriate court and providing evidence that injuries are resulted from negligence are also a part of the tests required to seek full compensation.


The best US maritime lawyers can be chosen on various factors depending on the type of legal claim or legal work needed. The lawyer will help determine if your case will impact your sea business, and will explain to you other legal terms and conditions in the layman’s language.