You don’t need to be injured or have a loved one injured to understand what entails a personal injury law case. Prevention is better than cure. Having basic knowledge will help you to be prepared and guide others who might need your help. One of the key things to remember is that, whenever you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, due to someone else’s negligence, call a lawyer as soon as possible. Howard Yegendorf& have over 50 years of combined experience and will help you navigate these tough waters so you can concentrate on getting better. Following are just a few types of personal injury cases.

Motor vehicle accident

Being in a motor vehicle accident comes with its own trauma. You need to work on getting a vehicle replacement and analyze police reports. Working with insurance companies is never easy, you need to get the paperwork done and stick to the deadlines. All of this even now sounds a bit too much. Having a lawyer by your side will take away all your stress related to law procedures and dealing with the insurance company. They will handle everything for you and pursue accident benefits and insurance compensations.

Slip and Fall Injuries

An injury that is sustained due to a fall on someone else’s property is referred to as a slip and fall case. The property could be owned by anyone – commercial, private or government-owned. Those who own the property are under obligation to make sure that it is free from any potential hazards. However, negligence can lead to various high-risk conditions like icy sidewalks, low lighting, gaps in the walkway or not adhering to the building codes and municipal or provincial safety codes. In a slip and fall case, the lawyer will help you to file a case against the owner of the property and will help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Catastrophic Injuries

Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and amputation are just some examples of catastrophic injuries. There is no denying that it can change the course of one’s life completely. Sometimes the injuries sustained are so severe that you might require life-long rehabilitation and need retraining for reemployment. In some cases, an extensive house renovation is necessary to accommodate the acquired disabilities. In such a time, if the employer’s insurance company refuses to give you the benefits that you deserve, it can add to the stress even more. Having a lawyer by your side will make it easy. They will also help you out in case of dispute with the Accident Benefits Insurer about the income replacement benefits that are owed under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule.

When you have sustained catastrophic injuries, you have to adjust to a whole new life that you never imagined before. Refusal of benefits can only add to the stress. The lawyers at Howard Yegendorf and Associates have over three decades of experience in fighting and obtaining compensation for the injuries sustained.