Many companies and businesses are there that has lot of invoices collection with which they have to deal. Because things often happen that the entrepreneur cannot influence and that inhibit the normal payment run. The claim meaning here is the customer does not pay invoice or there are open invoices or receivables. He falls into arrears, or has collecting invoices or outstanding debts or receivables and from this point on, the previously successful business relationship is permanently disrupted. Because from this point on, the defaulting customer causes a lot of costs to recover from and just as much effort. Here it is important to have a partner by your side who can take care of the matter from the dunning letter to the execution or reminder by email to the customer as invoice not paid.  The external partner takes over the entire receivables management, and if necessary also the procedures for the collection. One of the things, you should know is that extrajudicial dunning procedure expiration happens after 10 levels of dunning process if invoice not paid what happens as customer does not pay invoice to claim meaning.

Sending Reminders –

Several countries the procedure for correct reminders and collection is very strictly regulated. It starts with a reminder that a payment is due. As a rule, this part is carried out by the company. Often times, customers simply forget to pay his debt collection or  collecting invoices or outstanding debts or receivables. With the help of a reminder by email  sent in due time, together with the reference to the pending dunning procedure in the event of non-payment, you as an entrepreneur fulfill your individual duty to recover the outstanding debts or debt collection and give the customer the chance to fulfill the contractual obligations. Under certain circumstances, you can request a processing fee for this. Your lawyer can give you more information on enforce claims process. If the reminder is unsuccessful, i.e. the customer does not pay, it becomes much more complicated. After the extrajudicial dunning procedure expiration, you may have to issue fresh notices.

Whether Outsourcing is Good –

A proper reminder is due here, which is associated with costs for you and for the customer. From this point on, you should consider whether it makes sense to outsource these processes from your company. Does out of court dunning or außergerichtliches Mahnverfahren Ablauf makes sense? Because if the customer does not pay now, you have to pursue a judicial dunning procedure. This is the only way to get your money, however unfortunate it is. A judicial dunning procedure has several barriers in many countries, and you should entrust a lawyer with it in order to obtain a high level of legal security.  From reminder to enforcement – this is how a correct procedure works for collecting invoices or  invoice collection or outstanding debts or debt recovery effort for the entrepreneur and cannot be associated with additional costs for consumers. Other conditions may apply to commercial customers, but these must be contractually agreed. Effort for the entrepreneur and can be associated with low fees for customers does not pay for services or customer does not pay craftsman invoice. The dunning procedure must be legally secure. This means that advice from a lawyer is imperative. Most of the costs for this are borne by the entrepreneur during the money collection to enforce claims.

Judicial Dunning Procedure –

Judicial dunning procedure with a proper dunning procedure or notice is important.  The dunning notice is issued by the court. Legal help should be used to apply for the payment order. The cost of the process must be borne by the debtor. There is no guarantee that the default will be terminated by paying the claim. Legal action with enforcement notice is the next step for debt recovery or  invoice collection or open invoices or money collection. If the judicial warning letter does not lead to the desired success, then enforcement can be applied for. In this way, the debtor is forced to settle the outstanding claim including any feesaußergerichtliches Mahnverfahren Ablauf . If he cannot do this, or invoice not paid there is a risk of a complete bad debt loss. From the first dunning letter to enforcement, the services of a professional partner for receivables management are indispensable for entrepreneurs. You can get final reminder with threat of legal action sample online.

Ordinary Local Courts –

After the reminder by email and the reminder, the customer still has a little time. He’s paying a little more now, but it hasn’t gotten really expensive yet. However, if he is still in arrears and does not pay, he will have to dig much deeper into his pocket. Because now usually starts a judicial dunning procedure. A commercial dunning procedure must be applied for at an ordinary local court. The court does not check whether the amount is justified. So you have to note that a commercial dunning procedure is to be seen completely independently of a legal action. However, legal action proceedings regarding the legality of the claim can inhibit legal dunning proceedings, i.e. suspend them, and make them obsolete because craftsman does not pay craftsman invoice as customer does pay for services.

Need for a Lawyer –

As an entrepreneur, you need your own lawyer at the latest from the point at which the dunning procedure is initiated if you want to collect the claim yourself. This also has the option to initiate enforcement. This like a final reminder with threat of legal action sample accompanied by legal action in which the plaintiff insists on a financial report and absolutely wants to enforce his claim. If invoice not paid what happens is that your turnover of business will show loss statement.  Legal action, like dunning, is associated with additional costs. Because the lawyer naturally also wants to see money for his work, in which the plaintiff insists on an asset report and absolutely wants to enforce his claim because craftsman does not pay craftsman invoice as customer does pay for services.