Because car accidents cause an immediate shock, people often have a hard time processing the consequences. State laws vary, but there is usually a deadline for filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Also, as the claimant, the burden of proof is on you. If you live in New York or any no-fault insurance state, you can only sue the at-fault driver in select circumstances. In this post, let’s talk about the need for a car accident attorney and how they can help you. 

Explaining the process

If you have never been involved in a car accident, it can be truly confusing as to what you should do to protect your rights. Given your circumstances, can you sue the other party? What is the expected worth of your claim? Should you talk to the claims adjuster? What if they ask you to sign a few documents or give a recorded statement? Your attorney can answer these questions and explain what you can expect when filing a car accident claim. 

Investigating the case

Just saying that you have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries because of the other party’s fault is not enough. You need to present evidence, and your lawyer can help collect evidence. From taking evidence from the car accident scene to talking to witnesses and medical experts, they would do what it takes to build a watertight case. If needed, they may even call accident reconstruction accidents to court. 

Negotiate with the other side

Typically, car accident lawsuits don’t need a trial. You can expect your lawyer to negotiate with the other party, and hopefully, they will be able to get the settlement that you deserve. Lawyers know the tactics that claim adjusters often try to settle car accident claims for a lot less money, and they can negotiate and talk accordingly. 

Take the matter to trial

Your lawyer is also in charge of representing you in court if your car accident lawsuit goes to trial. They can have an aggressive stance to ensure that the other party doesn’t get away with their fault, and as needed, they will take care of the paperwork. For any type of PI claim, there is considerable paperwork involved and deadlines to adhere to, and with a lawyer taking your side, you can focus on getting better. 

Most lawyers don’t have a fee for an initial consultation session for car accident claims. Talk to an attorney to get a quick review of your case.