Motorcycle accidents can occur in a matter of seconds; however, their resulting injuries can be life-changing and devastating. If you were in one of these accidents, you may have medical bills piling up, doctor’s appointments to go to, insurance companies to deal with, and confusing deadlines to meet. Philadelphia, PA motorcycle accident attorneys know that the aftermath of motorcycle crashes can be a blur. But what you do after the crash can have a significant impact on your health and possible injury claim. Hiring a lawyer is one of the most important things you must do after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle accident. The following are the steps you must take after a crash:

Report the Crash

You must notify your insurer about the motorcycle accident you were involved in. When you talk to an insurance representative, do not provide a statement. Sometimes, even your own insurance provider may not have your best interest in mind. If the representative asks you to give a statement, refuse the request right away and tell them it is your legal right. 

Review your insurance paperwork and read it to ensure you understand the coverage offered by your policy. If the accident involved another driver or was caused by another driver, gather their license and insurance information. Make sure to ask for and get a copy of the police report that details the crash. If the insurance company of the negligent driver talks to you, provide just the basic information. Also, do not give it a statement because the company might use it against you. Also, do not provide an insurance agent with medical authorization or talk about your medical condition with them. Do not settle your case on your own.

Hire a Lawyer

A skilled motorcycle attorney can work to get you the compensation you need after sustaining an injury in a motorcycle crash. Choose a lawyer with years of experience handling this kind of case. They will handle the legal deadlines and hassles, so you can focus on your recovery. 

For your attorney to determine whether or not you have a good case, they will consider several factors including the extent of your injuries and whether or not you are hospitalized, need surgery, or suffered permanent damage. Your future medical costs and insurance details will also be taken into account. 

Moreover, you may not have all the time in the world to file an accident claim. Thus, you need to act fast. If you wait, you might lose your chance of getting the compensation you are entitled to. Your attorney will ensure all paperwork is accurately completed and submit it promptly.