Following a car accident, there is usually disorder and confusion. If you were hit by the other vehicle and believe that the driver was negligent, drunk, or simply reckless, you need to consider filing an injury lawsuit. Florida is not a fault state, which essentially means that you can only sue the other party if your injuries meet certain thresholds set by the state laws. You can check this website to find more details about top-rated injury lawyers. The main question here is whether you need legal representation. Below are some circumstances when hiring an attorney becomes almost necessary.

  1. The other party is blaming you. If the other driver claims that the wreck was your fault, you definitely need to lawyer up. One of the primary aspects of such injury claims is the investigation process, for which an attorney can be immensely resourceful. Even if you are found to be partly responsible for the accident, you may still have a case, and your lawyer can help you handle the situation better and get a fair settlement.
  2. There were multiple parties involved. If there were many vehicles involved in the car crash, you should consult an attorney as finding fault and determining liability won’t be easy. Many lawyers engage and consult accident reconstruction experts to determine how the crash may have happened or how different parties contributed to the event.
  3. You have sustained life-altering injuries. If you have lost a limb, suffered multiple fractures, or have sustained an injury that can impact your career and life ahead, you must lawyer up. For insurance companies, these claims are evident losses, and the claims adjusters often do their best to undervalue and deny such cases.
  4. Your claim has been denied. It is not unusual or rare for auto insurance companies to deny injury claims in Florida. Reasons may vary, but the insurer may claim that the policyholder didn’t inform on time or didn’t provide them adequate evidence. The claim adjuster may even argue that you are exaggerating your injuries. Your lawyer can protect you from bad faith insurance tactics.
  5. The deadline is near. You have four years to file a car accident lawsuit in Florida. If you don’t adhere to the time cap set by the statute of limitations, your case could be denied.

Contact an accident attorney immediately for a free consultation and discuss the legal options you can consider for your case.