Getting the right amount of compensation is the major goal in any personal injury case. Filing a claim is much more than just forwarding your request to obtain money for your losses. Everything will be scrutinized and investigated before the insurance company sends you a green signal. Moreover, it cannot be done without a professional Hopkinsville personal injury attorney as he has all the knowledge regarding these cases and challenges. You must be familiar with some common mistakes that people make when filing their personal injury claims.

Signing a document without the presence of your lawyer

Insurance companies or another party may convince you to agree to a lower amount. Moreover, they may delay in responding because they believe that a person can lose his patience and agree to the first offer they have made. Besides that, they may keep calling you to obtain your statement. If you agree to their terms and conditions without informing your lawyer, you will end up getting the lowest amount.

Not paying attention to treatment 

If you have delayed your medical treatment because you thought it was not serious, you already have made the biggest mistake. In case, you received the treatment after a few weeks, the insurance company already has ground to reject your claim. Many people don’t stick to the doctor’s instructions and follow-ups hurting their personal injury claims.

Accepting your mistake

Even if you were not at the fault, you apologized to another party. It will be used against you by the insurance company or the at-fault party. Your personal injury claim may get rejected if you say sorry to others right after the accident. This is because another party will never tell the truth. You will have to prove that you were not at fault.

Legal mistakes 

If you violate the personal injury laws, you can get your claim rejected. For instance, if you file the claim after passing the timelines, the insurance company will deny the claim. You might not be able to reclaim it afterward.  If you have no knowledge of personal injury laws, you might limit your chances of getting a fair amount.

Being active on social media

If you keep posting comments or pictures on your social media accounts, the insurance company will consider that you are physically and mentally fit, which will reduce your claim amount or it will be rejected.

Don’t take any step without consulting your personal injury lawyer.