About half of the people who take the California Bar Exam each month really pass. The satisfaction of finally being able to go on in your career is something you, as a lawyer, know all too well. You quickly learn, though, that getting past the bar is just the beginning. After passing the bar, it is essential that you remain current on all matters pertaining to family law, particularly when addressing them. That the nature of legal issues and the way they are applied are dynamic concepts is what this alludes to. We at CEB went to great lengths to facilitate family law study and other pertinent topic studies by coordinating the Continuing Education of the California Bar Association.

Getting to Know California’s Family Law

In order to make prompt decisions on California family law, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the available resources. You can find seven separate practice guidelines for family law in the CEB Family Law Secondary Source collection. You can swiftly consult a variety of family law research, counsel your clients, and arrive at the most accurate conclusions.

Having access to information is like having half the battle won when it comes to practicing family law in California. If you have access to the CEB’s resources, you should be able to swiftly grasp the applicable laws and recommendations. Customers hate to wait, and you want to know that you made the right decision. You may confidently make a business decision with this on your side.

Processes for Clients Directed by Workflows

Creating a workable strategy is essential when dealing with clients on a range of family law issues. Take the example of marital actions that are not challenged. You can use the workflow as a guide to follow each step of the process when you’re involved in a legal matter concerning this type of case.

Do you want to know how to make the most of your first customer interaction and what information you should aim to get from them? Most of this data is structured to teach you how to succeed methodically while simultaneously reassuring your customers. With more tools at your disposal, finishing the casework and providing assured customer service will be a breeze.

Suppliers of Tools for Family Law Practitioners

You should always have access to as much information as possible when practicing family law. Using the resources provided by the College of Education Board, you can build upon the knowledge you obtained while working as a paralegal and new associate, as well as the information you obtained while passing the California Bar test.

When dealing with legal matters, it is usually more convenient to have reference materials on hand. You are looking for resources such as sample documents, strategy notes, charts, and checklists. You can still benefit from having them on hand since they provide general guidelines to follow, even if you don’t plan to follow them to a grain.

Your ability to complete higher-value, billable work will increase thanks to the CEB’s access to practical resources. Devoting the majority of your time to your clients is a crucial part of being a lawyer. This becomes much easier to handle once you have a firm grasp of the processes that are essential and are enabled by the resources at your disposal.

Reliable Educational Materials for Your Business

You should equip your company with reliable educational resources. Having passed the bar exam in California, you are well aware that your formal training is far from over. You ought to comprehend this. One of the team’s creations, the CLE Passport, is available in the CEB suite. You can access learning whenever you want with the CLE Passport feature. Video and television shows are available on demand around the clock.

You need an insatiable appetite for information, one that considers the big picture as well as the details, to succeed in the field of family law. You can learn from more than 900 films and 600 individual modules that make up the CEB suite. The CLE Passport platform’s capacity to adapt to changing circumstances is one of its most appealing features.

Over time, CLE Passport will broaden the scope of its offerings to address more complex issues. A wide range of media outlets report on new information that is released weekly. Rather than wasting time looking for credible continuing education programs, you can probably find everything you need here, including training that is applicable to both family law and your business.

Maintain Adherence to CALL’s Minimum Standards for Continuing Legal Education

You are required to fulfill all continuing legal education (CLE) requirements in order to keep your California law license current. Due to the high volume of customer matters, you may occasionally find yourself well behind schedule. You may easily meet your requirements for MCLE credit hours with the help of our CEB suite, which includes CLE programs.

You can always find the programs you need among the many high-quality ones that have been prepared. What this means is that you can work toward completing your compliance hours without sacrificing the level of service you provide to your consumers.

Compliance With California Statutes, Easy Access to Required Documents

A number of forms are required by California’s judicial system to guarantee the proper handling of legal procedures. If you’re a legal expert, you probably want your company to have the latest papers and records available so that everything can be handled well. The Essential Forms program is a component of our CEB portfolio. Filings and documents spanning decades are at your fingertips through the Essential Forms service. To meet your client’s needs, you can design, print, save, and electronically file forms according to your specifications.

Learn About How CEB Can Help You

Applying California family law is no picnic. You, as a lawyer, need to be able to do three things: keep up with the latest developments in California family law, maximize the value you provide to your clients, and maintain your own education. With the CEB suite, you may better assist your clients, delegate tasks to your paralegals and employees, and streamline your company operations for the benefit of all your clients. Training, form filings, and mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) are all part of this package. Click here to find out more.