Litigation cases have a wide variety of different legal parts. Suppose there is any breach of contract in your firm or any other sues against your business. In that case, you should find a Litigation Attorneys Fort Lauderdale who has expertise in this law situation.

Here is different litigation cases are written below. I hope you will get guidance from here.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation refers to a legal disagreement where two parties seek money or action. It does not include criminal accusations. Sometimes this problem can go to court, allowing the judge to decide the final result. Once the litigation case is filed, the other party needs time and opportunity to respond to the allegation. The basics of civil law litigation include:

  • Pleadings Stage
  • The Query Of Further Counterclaims
  • Seeking The Actual Reason
  • Pretrial Pleading
  • Trial
  • Appeal

Business Litigation

Business litigation mainly refers to commercial litigation. Commercial litigation comprises various types of disputes that a business can develop. Common examples of business litigation include breach of contract in a partnership firm, business torts, shareholder litigation, etc. If there is a chance of business litigation on your firm, you should immediately seek help from Litigation Attorneys Fort Lauderdale.

Tenant Litigation

The landlord-tenant litigation is mainly built on trust. Apart from that, the relationship is also based on legal and business relationships. Sometimes, the disputes of this area go to the ‘he said and ‘she said’ level. The Court Appeals Attorneys Fort Lauderdale talked with both parties and took documentation to settle the dispute.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation especially deals with the litigations related to property. It may arise out of any dispute in real property. The argument can be associated with the property’s audition or ownership. Several types of real estate litigation there can be that a lawyer handles.

Financial Litigation

Financial litigation involves a claimant from the third party financial resources to contest any disputes. The financial litigation arrangement is based on the non- recourse. Here the claimant needs to pay a fixed sum when there is actual monetary relief. If there is no economic recovery to give the claimant, the financier also does not receive any.

Personal Injury

There can be many reasons related to personal injury litigation. It includes when an employee gets hurt on the job, medical misdiagnosis, car accident, or any other else. Sometimes the case gets resolved in the initial stage, or they may go to court. Find a good personal injury lawyer to get guidance in setting individual—injury claims.


These all are some different cases that a litigation lawyer handles. If you face such trouble in your life, discuss the problem with us. I hope you will get the best guidance from 2

Court Appeals Attorneys Fort Lauderdale. We have experienced lawyers in our hands who can help you to solve these problems.