With the law firm cloud software of RA Micro Cloud, all files are digital and callable in any work environment – complete and up-to-date. Once installed, the cloud information can be used for other purposes. With mobile solutions from vCloud RA-MICRO and you have flexible access to your dates and appointments, on a trip or at home office.

Erase file format on PC or mobile

With RA-MICRO Online law firm cloud software you create each organization and folders for your law firm’s firms. Within this structure, all documents and vCloud information are automatically and transparently assigned to the appropriate files. Documents and information are always in one place. The layout of the building makes it easy for every employee to get what they want.

A few steps for work and great time savings

A search job on terminalserver files and addresses makes it easy to find information quickly. Once created, addresses and text modules can be instantly added to every character. Existing templates can be called with just a few clicks. Collaborative cloud forms with ready-made texts and counting tables reduce your workload.

All areas of your law firm are connected

All files are also linked to archives. During a call this allows you to quickly and easily view a file account. In addition to accounting and payroll, staff planning and training manuals are also part of RA-MICRO.

Microsoft Windows TerminalServer is a major component of Windows Desktop and Microsoft Windows Server products that allow remote computers to connect to a Windows operating system computer using a remote terminal session. With the remote terminalserver session, remote computers can run applications on the remote control machine and use multiple remote connections without further ado.

Microsoft Office introduced this concept by releasing Terminal Services as part of the Windows Server operating system. Terminal Services was an integral part of Windows Server OS programs running Windows NT 4.0. Terminal Services was renamed Remote Desktop Services (RDS) with the release of Windows Server 2008 R2. Before using this technology, it is important to know what Terminal Server is, how it works and why you should use it.

Why Use a TerminalServer?

Terminal Server software (now Remote Desktop Session Host) is popular for allowing businesses vCloud to host centralized applications and resources and publish them to remote client devices, regardless of location and end user’s modul device location problems. The Terminal Server offers many benefits.

Provide end users with access to company alternative resources from anywhere and any device like mobile.

Email configures one configuration area and allows you to monitor the infrastructure from the central dashboard.

RA Micro online App are installed once and regularly updated on the server, so there is no need support to install or update the system on each machine in the network.

With simultaneous licensing licenses for each devices software, businesses can reduce license costs, and smaller customers allow businesses to improve costs and Hotline energy savings to get a better ROI.

The duration of computer hardware is extended, and network security is greatly improved.

What is Terminal Server Architecture?

It is also important to understand the Terminal Server architecture which consists of three key components:

RA Micro online server is with multiple themes where resources are hosted in a central location.

Remote desktop protocol that allows data transfer between server and client Apple iMac.

Client software for each remote client device, via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) this client program allows the device to connect to the server.

In addition to the information there is the Terminal Services Licensing Service, which provides the server with IT TS CAL licenses for devices connected to it. List of sessions saved on Sessions Dictanet Service. This list is identified by a username, which allows the user to reconnect to the same server.

What is an Airport Server License?

What is a terminal server

Each user / device that connects to the TS server must have RDS CAL. The terminal licensing role is assigned to the RDS license server. The role of this TS license server is to maintain and track all RDS CALs included in the group of servers. One licensed vOffice server can provide multiple TS servers. The license server must be activated to provide Legal Tech permanent RDS CALs; otherwise, it issues temporary RDS CALs vOffice Login. It is important to know what a terminal server license is in order to estimate costs bea(Name of the electronic lawyer’s mailbox in Germany).

To deliver online digital virtual desktops and applications to remote users, terminal resources use the RDP protocol. It works on TCP / IP and listens to port 3389.