Construction lawyers in Melbourne provide legal advice in relation to various building and construction projects as well as advising property owners and developers throughout the development process. Some construction lawyers have more expertise in a particular type of construction or dispute, so depending on the nature of your construction or development project, it’s important to find a construction lawyer with the right skills and experience to handle your issue.

Construction law is a complex area of law that covers many different disputes and legal property issues, meaning you may have some questions about what exactly construction lawyers do. This article will go over the most frequently asked questions about construction lawyers.

Do You Need a Construction Lawyer?

While a construction lawyer may not be strictly necessary in every instance, construction lawyers in Melbourne can help ease the stress on project managers and other construction professionals during a construction project. Construction lawyers can help review, amend and lodge complex legal documents in a timely manner. They can also be useful to have on hand in case a dispute is raised by a homeowner or business entity during the course of the construction project, helping to quickly resolve the matter.

What Qualities Should You Look for in a Construction Lawyer?

The best quality to look for in construction lawyers in Melbourne is a high level of communication, experience and diplomacy. Ideally, you’ll want a lawyer on your side who can prevent small issues from becoming bigger and more difficult to handle over time. These qualities in a lawyer can help save you headaches and hassle in the short term while also saving you money on costly litigation in the long term.

What Kinds of Disputes Can a Construction Lawyer Help With?

Construction lawyers in Melbourne can help their clients with a range of issues, even some that don’t strictly relate to construction itself. Some disputes a construction lawyer can help with are:

  • Helping people who are building a home to deal with a builder who has gone over the agreed length of time and budget for their construction project
  • Helping builders take non-paying clients to court
  • Helping subcontractors get paid when builders refuse to pay them for their work
  • Helping anyone involved in the construction process handle a claim made against them or help them file a claim against someone else

What Other Areas Can a Construction Lawyer Assist With?

Outside of construction law, construction lawyers in Melbourne can assist with a range of supporting tasks that must be completed during the construction phase. These include tasks such as preparing, editing and lodging contracts necessary for the project to proceed, drafting employment contracts for subcontractors and casual labourers, and in some cases, training in the form of instructional documentation around construction site safety.

How Much Do Construction Lawyers Cost?

Fees for construction lawyers in Melbourne understandably vary depending on the exact nature of the construction dispute as well as the specific legal expertise you require. Costs will also depend on the tasks the construction lawyer needs to complete in order for your matter to proceed, such as reviewing contracts and the length of any supporting documents themselves. It’s best to get in touch with a law firm or construction law professional to get an accurate quote for their services.