The media reported sex abuse within the Catholic Church over the past several years. Concentrated efforts to minimize the abuse and to deny that it took place recently came to light in court cases and in allegations by victims. Yet, few reports disclose clergy sex abuse within the Protestant Church. Victims report clergy sex abuse across various denominations within the Protestant Church. Contacting an experienced clergy abuse lawyer is an important first step towards seeking justice for your abuse, and to possibly help protect others from experiencing the same trauma. 

Clergy Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church  

Recent reports indicate that decades of abuse by priests and other Catholic church leaders occurred that were previously unreported and not brought before the courts. Sources indicate that some Americans know of or heard a little information about sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.  

A clergy abuse attorney often presents these cases to the court. Sometimes, cases document abuse that occurred years ago when the victim was a child. Priests often resign or get reassigned once the courts or the media release information about their crimes committed as a clergy member. 

The coverup continues, as seen in the case of an archbishop who retained his position, in spite of criticism of the way that he handled sex abuse scandals. The archbishop, says the Associated Press, received what amounts to a spiritual timeout from Pope Francis. The “timeout” lasts for less than five months. 

Clergy Sex Abuse and Coverup in the Protestant Church

The coverup and denial of clergy abuse does not occur exclusively in the Catholic Church. Clergy abuse occurs in protestant churches, and like in the Catholic Church, the sex abuse committed by clergy members is often minimized or covered up by the church.  

The 2016 Book of Resolutions of the United Methodist Church indicates that “annual conferences” can cite examples of child sex abuse and exploitation within the church. It indicates that churches are “torn apart” by the legal and monetary and emotional consequences of abuse allegations. There are statements of recommendations for local churches regarding protecting children and preventing child sex abuse. There is also a statement that local churches should carry liability insurance that includes coverage for sexual abuse. 

The Southern Baptist Church has the distinction of having more than 200 of nearly 400 accused leaders and volunteers pleading guilty or being convicted of sexual misconduct. The Southern Baptist Convention reportedly refuses to take necessary steps to stop the abuse. They claim that each church should act independently to stop the abuse. 

Victims allegedly received pressure from church leaders not to report the abuse. Some victims were told that their sin made it their fault.  

Clergy sex abuse occurs across many denominations. You do not have to feel alone or pressured any longer. Turn to a clergy abuse lawyer to help you receive the compensation that you deserve and to bring your abuser to justice.